Class HGAtomRef

    • Constructor Detail

      • HGAtomRef

        public HGAtomRef(HGHandle referent,
                 HGAtomRef.Mode mode)

        Construct a new HGAtomRef to the atom pointed by reference and with the specified mode.

        referent - The HGHandle of the refered to atom.
        mode - The atom reference mode. this class.
    • Method Detail

      • getMode

        public HGAtomRef.Mode getMode()

        Return the atom reference mode.

      • isHard

        public boolean isHard()

        Return true if this is a hard reference and false otherwise.

      • isSymbolic

        public boolean isSymbolic()

        Return true if this is a symbolic reference and false otherwise.

      • isFloating

        public boolean isFloating()

        Return true if this is a floating reference and false otherwise.

      • getReferent

        public HGHandle getReferent()

        Return the referent atom.

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